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Plivo SMS
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About Plivo Integration

Plivo is a global SMS & Voice calls service for businesses of all sizes. Now you can send SMS from Bitrix24 via Plivo:

  1. Send SMS to all Countries.

  2. Unicode Support for every language.

  3. Automatic Long SMS Concatenation.

  4. Dynamic Sender ID.

Install this application to integrate Pilvo with Bitrix24 and send SMS from Bitrix24 using CRM automation rules for all leads or deals. Configure the application and select Pilvo as a provider in «Send SMS» CRM automation rule.

Версия 4
Improved security, fixed minor bugs.

Версия 3
Improved security, fixed minor bugs.

Set up Plivo Integration

Install the application from the Bitrix24 marketplace and complete the following steps:

  1. Add your Pilvo Auth-token, AuthID and SenderID or outbound phone number to send SMS. Obtain token and IDs from your Plivo account settings.

  2. Send a test sms for verification:

    1. Specify the phone number to send a test SMS to.

    2. Leave the default message or enter your own (up to 120 characters).