Расчёт комиссии

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Расчёт комиссии
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Commission Calculator allows you to calculate commissions for your sales agents using Bitrix24 CRM.

Agent commission can be based on:

  • Closed deals.

  • Paid invoices.

Supported commission calculation methods are:

  • Percentage of sales volume.

  • Fixed amount for each sold item.

The app will let you:

  • See commissions for current and past periods.

  • Compare the number/volume of closed deals and paid invoices with CRM records.

  • Check if commissions were calculated correctly.

  • See sales reports for selected periods.

  • Generate detailed commission calculation reports.

  • See agent ratings.

Agents’ cards can be sorted by agent name and commission calculation type.  

Users can view past commission reports by selecting the appropriate time period in the calendar.

Attention! The  new version of the app works as a 30-day trial on free Bitrix24  accounts. After upgrading the previous versions, you will need to  authorize the application for the second time.

Версия 2
The application calculates bonuses on Invoices and Deals

Complete standard installation from Bitrix24 Marketplace and proceed with the following steps:

  1. Enter the app.

  2. Sel  ect the department fr om Company Structure. Сommissions will then be calculated for the employees of the selected department.

  3. Select the commission calculation period: week, month, quarter, year.

  4. Specify the commission payment date.

  5. Set the commission calculation parameters (type, method, amount) for each employee of the selected department.